Electric Flesh and Anatomical Interventions Ryota Matsumoto Studio

Electric Flesh and Anatomical Interventions Mixed Media, 2019, 115cmx 73cm, 29inx45in
Chebyshev Spectral Overcast
Chebyshev Spectral Overcast  Mixed Media, 2019, 102cmx85cm, 40inx33in

Polyphonic Overtones Mixed Media 2018 67cmx95cm

Polyphonic Overtones Mixed Media 2018 67cmx95cm

Recursive Topography of Uncertainty Mixed Media 2018 81cmx67cm

Recursive Topography of Uncertainty Mixed Media 2018 81cmx67cm

Variable Phase Opacities

Variable Phase Opacities Mixed Media 2017 69cmx85cm

The Extensity of Sferics Counterpoint Mixed Media 170329 79cmx114cm

Oblique Trail Convolution Mixed Media 161217 77cmx103cm

Oblique Trail Convolution Mixed Media 2017 77cmx103cm

Hydrologic Floating Points Mixed Media 161023 98cmx80cm

Hydrologic Floating Points Mixed Media 2017 98cmx80cm

Still from Cities of Inextricable Velocities

Still from Cities of Inextricable Velocities Mixed Media 2017 97cmx80cm
Ryota Matsumoto 2016
The Biometric Ephemera of Positronic Variation within Transient Bounds
 Mixed Media 160530 80cmx100cm

Imaginary Echo Chamber Mixed Media 160409 68cmx74cm

Rapid Gaze Polynomials Embedded in Infinite Variables Mixed Media 160303 64cmx70cm
Swirling Effects and Their Wayside Phenomena Mixed Media 160109 67cmx72cm

Recurring Terrains in Steep Circle Mixed Media 151101 82cmx68cm

The Celestial Map of Dream Sequences Mixed Media 151003 69cmx118cm
The Chronology of Imaginary Scrolls Mixed Media 150819 67cmx89cm
The Last Verses From the Opuscule for Oblique Skies Mixed Media 150721 80cmx69cm

Quantized Crackles of Emotional Scales Mixed Media 150701 62cmx96cm

The Reverberant Ambience of Interpretative Codes for an Ancient Artifact Mixed Media 68cmx93cm

The Frozen Air Evoked the Analogical Still of Ephemeral Swarms Mixed Media 150510 53cmx83cm

The Solar Flares for Transient Modulation Mixed Media 150419 83cmx59cm
Field Scope Observations in Post Landing Mixed Media 150322 73cmx59cm

Our Perceptions Lay Bare as Incongruent Swashes Pass Overhead Mixed Media 150226 77cmx119cm

A Perpetual Timeline for Knitting Abandoned Circuits Mixed Media 150212 42cmx60cm

Hollow Ghosts for Those Restless Spirits Mixed Media 150123 77cmx119cm

Stretched into an Infinite Vapor of Spectral Resonance Mixed Media 150117 72cmx119cm

Space Station Talks Visualized From Orbiter Mixed Media 150111 71cmx118cm

The High Overdrive and Its Undefinable Consequence Mixed Media 141221 79cmx119cm

The Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory Mixed Media 141210 75cmx56cm

The Hanging Gardens of Ancient Creek Mixed Media 141207 84cmx119cm

First Subtle Sign of Evolving Drones Mixed Media 141121 82cmx119cm

Marked by the Atlas of an Endless Spin Cycle Mixed Media 141113 84cmx115cm

The Cacophony of Truncated Bursts and Glissandos Mixed Media 141105 59cmx85cm

The Intersection of Infinite Planes Mixed Media 141018 68cmx119cm

Silent Verses With Our Whirlwind Imagination Mixed Media 141010 85cmx117cm

Surviving in the Multidimensional Space of Cognitive Dissonance Mixed Media 2014 80cmx110cm
Those Dazzling Lights Surround a Silent Space Mixed Media 140921 84cmx113cm

The Light Breath of Wind at Dawn Mixed Media 140913 84cmx113cm

Voided by the False Vows of Time Mixed Media 140903 82cmx119cm

Ryota Matsumoto 2014
The Clash of Colors Emanates Waves of Pleasure Mixed Media 2014 75cmx119cm
Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event Mixed Media 140821 84cmx119cm

Doubt Gives Birth to Ambiguous Inferences Mixed Media 140812 67cmx59cm

The Blank Index Imposed an Edge to Infinity Mixed Media 140807 117cmx72cm

Every Thought Emits the Ghost of a Gesture Mixed Media 140718 118cmx73cm

High Frequency Captured on the Surface of Augmented Objects  Mixed Media 140718 110cmx85cm

Perpetual Motion Machine  Mixed Media 140711 82cmx55cm

Transient Field in the Air  Mixed Media 140702 85cmx57cm

 Static Keyframes Mixed Media 140601 85cmx59cm

Waves and Particles Mixed Media 140615 85cmx59cm

 Dimensions of Amorphous Objects Mixed Media 140507 57cmx85cm

   Moving Lines Inscribe Circles Mixed Media 140621 85cmx59cm

  Irregular Con-Sequence Lines Mixed Media 140515 85cmx59cm

   Surface of the Earth Mixed Media 140524 85cmx59cm

    Confluence of Deflected Lines Mixed Media 140515 85cmx59cm

    Water, Hinge, Field Mixed Media 140510 42cmx59cm

     Color-Coded Router Mixed Media 140428 42cmx59cm 


    Flux of Inaudible Shadows Mixed Media 140501 59cmx85cm

     Shortwave Crackle Booster Mixed Media 140423 59cmx87cm

    Bounds of Distant Lines  Mixed Media 140417 59cmx83cm

Pharse-shifted Ember Mixed Media 140409 60cmx45cm

Multicellular Vortex Field Mixed Media 140405 42cmx59cm

Choreographed Landscape Mixed Media 140329 68cmx107cm

The Terrain of Inflected Cadence Mixed Media 140402 42cmx59cm

Distant Plaine II Mixed Media 140110 42cmx59cm

Distant Plaine II Mixed Media 140108 42cmx56cm

Untitled Acrylic and Ink on Paper 131202 35cmx59cm

Tone Burst Generators Mixed Media 140307 42cmx59cm

          Hibiki Hana Ma Mixed Media 140227 42cmx59cm

Untitled Mixed Media 140127 42cmx59cm

    Untitled Acrylic on Paper 131219 53x52

     Untitled Mixed Media 140213 42cmx59cm

    Untitled Mixed Media 140209 45cmx50cm

    Distant Plaine Mixed Media 140108 42cmx59cm

Dream Texture Mixed Media 140312 42cmx59cm

    Untitled Acrylic on Paper 140208 42cmx59cm

    Moving Lines of Cycloid Mixed Media 131213 42cmx59cm 

Multilamellar Waves Mixed Media on Paper 140317 42cmx59cm

Untitled Mixed Media 20131125 42cmx65cm

    Untitled Ink and Acrylic on Paper 131124 42cmx65cm

    Untitled Graphite on Paper 140208 42cmx57cm

    Untitled Mixed Media 140130  42cmx65cm

          Untitled Mixed Media 140127  59cmx42cm