Every Thought Emits the Ghost of a Gesture Mixed Media 140718 118cmx73cm

High Frequency Captured on the Surface of Augmented Objects  Mixed Media 140718 110cmx85cm

Perpetual Motion Machine  Mixed Media 140711 82cmx55cm

Transient Field in the Air  Mixed Media 140702 85cmx57cm

 Static Keyframes Mixed Media 140601 85cmx59cm

Waves and Particles Mixed Media 140615 85cmx59cm

 Dimensions of Amorphous Objects Mixed Media 140507 57cmx85cm

   Moving Lines Inscribe Circles Mixed Media 140621 85cmx59cm

  Irregular Con-Sequence Lines Mixed Media 140515 85cmx59cm

   Surface of the Earth Mixed Media 140524 85cmx59cm

    Confluence of Deflected Lines Mixed Media 140515 85cmx59cm

    Water, Hinge, Field Mixed Media 140510 42cmx59cm

     Color-Coded Router Mixed Media 140428 42cmx59cm 


    Flux of Inaudible Shadows Mixed Media 140501 59cmx85cm

     Shortwave Crackle Booster Mixed Media 140423 59cmx87cm

    Bounds of Distant Lines  Mixed Media 140417 59cmx83cm

Pharse-shifted Ember Mixed Media 140409 60cmx45cm

Multicellular Vortex Field Mixed Media 140405 42cmx59cm

Choreographed Landscape Mixed Media 140329 68cmx107cm

The Terrain of Inflected Cadence Mixed Media 140402 42cmx59cm

Distant Plaine II Mixed Media 140110 42cmx59cm

Distant Plaine II Mixed Media 140108 42cmx56cm

Untitled Acrylic and Ink on Paper 131202 35cmx59cm

Tone Burst Generators Mixed Media 140307 42cmx59cm

          Hibiki Hana Ma Mixed Media 140227 42cmx59cm

Untitled Mixed Media 140127 42cmx59cm

    Untitled Acrylic on Paper 131219 53x52

     Untitled Mixed Media 140213 42cmx59cm

    Untitled Mixed Media 140209 45cmx50cm

    Distant Plaine Mixed Media 140108 42cmx59cm

Dream Texture Mixed Media 140312 42cmx59cm

    Untitled Acrylic on Paper 140208 42cmx59cm

    Moving Lines of Cycloid Mixed Media 131213 42cmx59cm 

Multilamellar Waves Mixed Media on Paper 140317 42cmx59cm

Untitled Mixed Media 20131125 42cmx65cm

    Untitled Ink and Acrylic on Paper 131124 42cmx65cm

    Untitled Graphite on Paper 140208 42cmx57cm

    Untitled Mixed Media 140130  42cmx65cm

          Untitled Mixed Media 140127  59cmx42cm